Here is an excerpt from the Durango Herald:

“Everything really went off without a hitch,” San Juan County Sheriff Bruce Conrad said. “It was really what it should be.”

The Silverton Fourth of July Committee was formed to help change the event. The main problem the group found was the gap of time between the parade in the morning and the launch of the fireworks in the evening.

The committee introduced two new events to give people something to do before the fireworks. A carnival after the parade featured a multitude of games and crafts, and a street dance was created to precede the fireworks show.

“We focused on giving people something to do, so it wasn’t just this Wild West attitude of it just being a drunken fest,” committee chairwoman Molly Barella said. “Nobody needs that in their town, this wild lawlessness. It’s just not right.”




Special thanks go out to Sheriff Bruce Conrad and the entire San Juan P.D.


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