Where to go when you gotta go!


Many local restaurants and businesses have a ‘Customers Only’ policy for their restrooms and this can be quite frustrating if you  gotta go.  The good news is that there’s probably one right around the corner.  Once you know where they are you’ll much prefer a newly restored victorian era water closet to a regular old bathroom anyway.  And some of our facilities are just that.

In order to help everyone out we wanted to post a map of where you can find Silverton’s public bathrooms.

Where to g when you gotta go in silverton

  1. If you’re driving into town The Visitors Center is located right at the intersection of Hwy 550 and Greene St.  Not only is it a great old yellow building from the turn of the century, it also has tons and tons of information on anything fun to do within 200 miles.
  2. From the train– Take a right on Blaire when you get off the train and look for a blue building about 30 yards up and on the left.  This is not only the main public bathroom in town, but it’s  also a great place to pick up brochures about some of our local attractions and there’s also a small park with a couple benches where you can soak up the sun.  #14 on the map
  3. The Silverton Public Library is also a good spot if your on that side of town.  Not only does it have a public facility, but it’s also a part of our history, dating back over 100 years.  Its really an amazing place where you can do everything from renting DVD’s and checking emails to even picking up a good book to read in the woods or even dropping the kids off at the pool.
  4. The Silverton Town Hall is another classic town building which has been amazingly restored to the highest standards possible.  When I mentioned classic victorian facilities this is was I had in mind.  It’s #8 on the map below.
  5. If you’ve walked up Greene St a ways when nature calls you can use The County Courthouse’s facilities.  And once again, this historical building is a classic example of 1900 architecture.  It’s worth a walk through regardless of your current personal circumstances. Marked #6 on the map.
  6. Memorial Park is located on the other side of Cement Creek.  The locals spend a lot of time here as it has tennis courts, a soccer field, 2 horseshoe pits and a really cool gazebo… oh yeah, and a public bathroom.  If you head to Memorial Park make sure to check out the cool trails along the river while you’re there.


We thank everyone for sharing this information.  Many of our restaurants are having big issues with their customers waiting for noncustomers to finish up before they can go and we all agree the best way to help solve the issue is by simply informing people of their options.  We wish they could accommodate more people but at a cost of nearly $3,000 a year per bathroom for maintenance, supplies, etc.  they can only do so much.


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Public bathrooms in Silverton Colorado



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