The Golden Block Brewery is located in the heart of Silverton, Colorado, right next door to the Grand Imperial Hotel on Greene St.

Craft Beer in Silverton
Golden Block Brewery in Silverton, Colorado

If you’re looking for a delicious craft beer to cool you off in the middle of a hot July afternoon then look no further.  The Golden Block Brewery not only offer delicious small batch home brewed beer on tap, but their wood fired oven kicks out some of the best wings and pizza you’ll ever find this close to tree-line.

The Golden Block Brewery thrives by keeping one of the best staffs in town, maintaining a focus on cleanliness with their open kitchen and glassed in brewery, and constantly delivering a level of freshness of ingredients that can only be explained by raw volume.  If you’re coming to Silverton don’t miss this amazing venue.

The chicken wings (as mentioned before) are delicious and maintain that wood fired flavor through the spices that are not too overbearing.  The ‘hot’ wings are hot but not absurd.  The Pizza options are actually outstanding.   The Mountain Climber Pizza is a great second course for chicken wing lovers as it carries that theme.  Chicken, alfredo, gorgonzola, and hot sauce make up the heart of this dish which you are sure to love…  Simply delicious.

Another stand out is the Trailblazer Pizza.   Beans, Chorizo, Roma Tomato, Onion, Cheddar & Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Guacamole and Sour Cream make up this dream come true.  All I can say is order it and eat it, then tell me your opinion.   This is some seriously good pizza with a southern twist.

The Golden Block Brewery in Silverton, Colorado does an amazing job of doing what they need to do.  putting out good pizza and beer with a friendly staff whe genuinely cares about your experience.  When you’re spending your hard earned vacation dollars feeding the family that’s all you need.  And the Golden Block has you covered!

Contact info:

970 387 5962

1227 Greene St
Silverton, Co 81433

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